A Smart NIU

Real-time GPS / Anti-theft Alert + Alarm / Real-time diagnostics
/ Service Station Directory

In a world of connected devices, we asked why are scooters
disconnected from the cloud? We set out to change this.

N-Series + NIU Cloud + APP

A Connected Scooter

The N-Series has a computer on-board that is constantly
communicating with the cloud so you can receive real-time
data on your mobile phone for basics like anti-theft alerts,
daily riding habits, diagnostics, power supply, and navigation
to the nearest service station*.


Peace of Mind

With built-in GPS tracking all NIU scooters will immediately send an alert to the NIU Cloud when an unauthorized movement of the bike occurs, instantaneously alerting the owner of the theft and constant location status updates.

Service Center

Repair Shops Around the Corner

The NIU Cloud is global in reach but local in service. All authorized service providers are as close as the app in hand. With one touch dialing and instant navigation, NIU riders can remedy a flat tire in minutes. This service is available in select markets.

Smart Data. Smart Rider.

For the more tech savvy rider, the NIU Cloud is constantly connected and aggregating useful data on riding history. On top of that riders can easily access our customer service manual for any issues at hand.

Notification Center

  • Alarm Update
  • Location Update
  • Status Update
  • Service Update



The NIU APP is always a work in progress

If you are interested in learning more about what we are doing with our latest APP updates, please ping us by email at global [at] niu (.) com


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