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Kick Scooter KQi2 Pro

KQi 2 Pro Specification






    48v365Wh NIU Energy Lithium Battery




    600w (30 Mins Max Continuous Output)


    Aerospace Grade Aluminium

Kick Scooter

KQi2 Pro (White)

  • Top Speed 28km/h
  • Range 40km

48v Powerful Lithium Battery.

Fast acceleration and power to tackle city slopes and inclines with ease.

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  • Cleaner Lines
  • Integrated Wiring
  • Minimalist Design
  • Integrated Drum Brake
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KQi2 Pro Brakes
KQi2 Pro Brakes

Pump The Brakes To Power Up

Through intelligent regenerative braking, the KQi2 feeds energy captured from the braking process back to the battery. Pump the brakes to power up!

Take Your KQi2 Anywhere, Everywhere

Like all the best style accessories, you can take your KQi2 with you everywhere you go. Fold it up in just seconds for easy transporthome after a night out, storage under your desk, or to carry on public transit.
KQi2 Anywhere, Everywhere
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Smart Is Stylish

Using the NIU App, lock your KQi2 for peace of mind, check your riding statisticsor even customise your speed for a truly smart solution.
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Rider Statistics

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Anti-Theft Locking

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth Connectivity